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A very rare early 19th century map sampler of the Country of DEVONSHIRE.
Each ward has its own stitched border and in many cases highlighted with a water colour wash. All the major towns located.
It is surprising that although Maps of England and Wales are not uncommon and yet few girls travelled beyond there country , and yet Country Maps are rare.
Worked by Grace Treleaven in 1829 born in 1815 in Moretonhamstead Devon, who appears to have become a Druggist Stationer !. she died in October 1883. Her Farther ! is much remembered, although listed as a Watch and Clockmaker left us with some remarkable dairies of the period 1799-1830 a written in two notebooks. Each volume starts with the heading "Chronological Occurrences in Moretonhampstead"; the second opens with the year 1806. The entries start from January 1st 1799 and are fairly frequent until May 29th 1810, the earlier years being the fullest, then there are two brief entries in September 1812, then regular (though usually terser) entries from June 1813 until July 1816. The second note-book was not full, and among the blank pages at the back are six pages of entries for 1829-30, again headed "Chronicological Occurrences in Moretonhampstead". Are truly remarkable read. http://www.moretonhampstead.org.uk/texts/sources/trelchron.ghtml
example for the year 1800....Thur. July 17th Fair Day. Not a great number of Cattle. The price rather on the decline. The weather was extremely warm, and the country Lads with their old red waistcoats white coats and leather Breeches, the smirk (??) cherry-cheeked lasses with there cotton stockings delicate white petticoats Lavender-scented linen &c. all sallied forth in the afternoon covered with sweat and dust their mouths all of a sooty colour blackness from their feeding heartily on the favourite Moreton Whort Pie. About 4 O’Clock we began to hear the sound of a Hand organ …...


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