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Occasionally one buys an object with some oral history, that can be supported with circumstantial facts...Bought in Suffolk privately with a tradition, that this very fine almost silk like, linen sheet came from The Royal Household at Sandringham, and that it had belonged to Queen Victoria.
Well it has her initial below a crown in a manner associated with her linen and clothing. But one would not expect it to be dated and why would it be from Sandringham. Except that on the 9.11.1841 She gave birth to Prince Albert Edward Prince of Wales , future King Edward VII of England , and that Sandringham In 1862, was purchased for him as a country home for him and his fiancée, Princess Alexandra of Denmark. So having been born and lived at Buckingham Palace, his goods including his Swaddling / Quilt cloth would have been transferred to his new home !.


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