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This delightful small sampler was worked at the very start of the Cottayam Missionary School in 1835. The verse refers to psalm 41 (not 13) .
The Church Missionary Society, India was founded in 1817 but no institution existed in the then Travancore state to teach English. The first records are after 1836 when we find in the C.M.S, references to the 'Kottayam Village Mission' with The Rev. Henry Bailey in charge of 'the Kottayam District Mission'. Under the Rev Bailey & his wife , with his headquarters at Pallom, five miles to the South. They continued their educational work and built a school then a college at Kottayam. Rev. Benjamin Bailey was the first principal of The College in 1840, COTTYM, as it was then called and spelt. The government welcomed the College as "a place of general education whence any demands of the state for officers to fill all departments of public service would be met". In the early years, the curriculum included Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Mathematics, History and Geography besides English, Malayalam, Sanskrit and Syriac.to the newly converted Indian Christians. In 1838, the College was moved to the wooded hillock. It was named Herons Pool by the Baker's.
At the time this was a very remote area known only to a handful of people, with primitive folk living high in the deep jungle hunting with bow, and using elephant tracks as roads.


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