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Always an interesting historical object, a hidden shoe, in this case one found in a chimney in a house from Shropshire. Traditionally to ward off evil.
Concealed shoes hidden in the fabric of a building have been discovered in many European countries, But particularly Britain, from the Middle Ages. These shoes are typically found in chimneys, under floors, above ceilings, around doors and windows, in the roof suggest that some may have been concealed as magical charms to protect the occupants of the building against evil influences such as demons, ghosts and witches. Others may have been intended to bestow fertility on a female member of the household, or been an offering to a household deity.
Northampton Museum maintains a Concealed Shoe Index, which by 2012 contained 1900 reports of discoveries, mostly from Britain and almost half from the 19th century. The overwhelming majority have been worn, and many have been repaired. Most finds are of single shoes, about half of them belonging to children. The custom appears to have died out some time during the 20th century.


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