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MARGRET McDONALD 1844 cousin to Surgeon Alexander McDonald  of The Frannklins Artic Exploration.



  MARGRET McDONALD 1844 cousin to Surgeon Alexander McDonald of The Frannklins Artic Exploration. £SOLD  
For all the families of sailors.
Samplers offer a unique insight to history, each has its own personal story of a girl, some of these stories are lost, but some are fascinating.
Margaret McDonald was the cousin of Assistant Surgeon Alexander McDonald of HMS Terror, who accompanied Sir John Franklin (on the Erebus) who became lost in the Artic Seas.
Margaret & Alexander came from the small Scottish town of Laurencekirk south of Aberdeen.
The HMS Terror, was involved in the 1812 war, was then equipped as an Artic vessel for Sir John Franklin's ill-fated attempt to force the Northwest Passage in 1845, during which she was lost with all hands along with HMS Erebus. The full story not finished until 2016, when the wreck of Terror was found in Nunavut's Terror Bay, off the southwest coast of King William Island.
We can now speak directly to astronaut's in space, but then there was no communication. What must Margaret and her family thought when they set sailed in 1845 ?. And as the years passed by with no news, then rumours of the loss and of cannibalism amongst the initial survivors.
Margaret's sampler is worked in coloured wool, has the initials of her parents David & Christina above her name and date. It comes in its original carved oak frame , along with a copy of Captain McClintock's Narrative of the Fate of Sir John Franklin, pub.1859. in which a member of the family has highlighted the notes on Alexander.
Provenance, by family decent.


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