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Art is an object produced for its decorative appeal, it has no other function. This wonderful painted tiller from the "Blue Line Canal Carriers" is no longer functionable , but stands as a reminder of our industrial past, with the scars of its past life and has in my opinion become art !.
In the colours of the Blue Line Carriers it is understood to have come from the Narrow Boat butty "Raymond".Built in 1958, RAYMOND is the last wooden narrowboat constructed in the UK. She worked for Samuel Barlow Coal Company carrying coal from North Warwicks to paper mills around Watford and then Kearley & Tonge's Jam factory at Southall. The boat passed to the ownership of Blue Line Canal Carriers in 1962 and continued her working life with Nutfield until carrying ceased in 1970. She was then lived on by the Bray & Collins families until being rebuilt by the charity since 1999.


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