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  1896 CUP of SORROWS £350  
The Khodynka Cup of Sorrows aka Coronation Cup , Sorrow Cup or the Blood Cup . 3000 were made for the coronation ceremony of Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna in 1896. The cup has both their cyphers on the front surrounded by a geometric pattern and two gold rings as with the Romanov eagle on the opposite side. These beakers were distributed to celebrate the coronation of the Russian monarch Nicholas II.
On the morning of 18 May 1896, over half a million revelers gathered on the ragged Khodynka Field in Moscow in anticipation of the presents , a bread roll, piece of sausage pretzel, gingerbread and especially the commemorative cups. The crowd was far more than the field could safely accommodate. In the confusion and panic that ensued when rumours spread that there was not enough beer and food and that the cups contained a gold coin, over a thousand people were trampled to death in what has become known as the Khodynka Tragedy . This event was taken as an omen of things to come for the rest of Nicholas' reign. The coronation cup became known in Russia as the Cup of Sorrows and the Tsar himself got the nickname of " Bloody Nichola s" - despite his best efforts to compensate the families of the victims.


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