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An interesting sampler, produced as an advertisement for the Temperance Society and abstinence from drink. Illustrating the virtues of a public house, with table skittles at the top tankards, wine-glasses and a beer barrel, with the subtle play on words on the meaning of a "cordial" welcome at one of Mr Bowring's Hall. Sir John Bowing 1792-1872, An industrialist, Politician, author and linguist (said to have spoken 100 languages), was the 4th Governor of Hong Kong. It was under Bowring that the colony's first ever bilingual English-Chinese law, "An Ordinance for licensing and regulating the sale of prepared opium" (Ordinance No. 2 of 1858), appeared on its statute books. And arguably the most prominent Unitarian layman of his time, Bowring was assiduous in attending Unitarian meetings, in taking the chair, in opening bazaars and buildings, and in giving speeches and toasts on Unitarian occasions. He was President of the BFUA, 1860-61, and was subsequently ever-present at its meetings. Only months before his death he attended the Social Science Congress and spoke several times each day, and addressed an audience of 3,000 at a temperance rally


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