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  REBECCA ROSS Aged 11 1854 BALLON FIGHT £1400  
A very rare sampler depicting a hot air balloon, in fact "The Royal Victoria Balloon" . It is possible that young Rebeccca was one of the thousands of holidaying Londoners who visited the Royal Zoological gardens on Whit Monday 1854. In addition to the famous menagerie there was concert and firework display , but the highlight was the balloon ascending into the evening sky.
The Royal Victoria was 56 feet high with dramatic red & gold stripes, after some difficulty Mr Green the pilot gained lift off at about 6.30, but the blustery winds first caused the basket to hit the orchestra and then the menagerie before flying south. landing badly at about 8.15 in rural Mitcham , where he was caught by the celebrated Mitcham Cricketer Mr Harwood who managed to secure the balloon and saving it from a nasty fate. The local bigwig Mr Charles Price of Hill house invited Mr Green to the Manor, but not Mr Harwood who was a working man employed in a silk factory !.
It is possible that Rebecca , was Rebecca Harriett Ross born 25.11.1843 the daughter of John & Harriett Ross, she married James Sagon a Police Constable in 1865, living at 28 Market Street Paddington.


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