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An exceptional and rare early 18th century band sampler in the 17th Century tradition. Worked with one band of coloured silks with a large floral band, above this the alphabet. Below a short quote followed by another alphabet in white followed by initials MW and numbers 1 to11.

Across the middle we have the sewers name JOHNNA WRIGHT in reticulated white-work. The following two band of verse finish with the date 1701. At the bottom we have a deep band of white-work including two large S designs. Across the bottom we have the sewers name JOHNNA WRIGHT HER WORK 1704. In-addition to this we have a total of 13 panels of Hollie point lace work, between which are more patterns including on its side the date 1706 and the paired initials MP over IW. possibly Johnna\\\'s parents.
We have never had or seen a sampler named and dated in this way . Although very much in the 17th Century style it's shorter form reflecting the 18th Century norm.
Sampler size 8 3/4 x 12 1/2 inches.
I have one possible candidate for the sampler maker: Johanna Wright christened December 29, 1691 at Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London and born to John and Dorothy (possibly Alewin) Wright. This means she would have been 10 when she started her work and 15 when she finished it. The ages match the known samplers in this group, as well as others of the period. This may also be the same Johanna Wright (there aren't that many as it turns out) to marry John Robinson Sept, 4, 1712 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London. Johanna would have been 21, a common age for marriage. I have not been able to determine what John Robinson did as a profession or whether they had any children. We thank Lynne Anderson for her help with this sampler.


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