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George Fredericks is an English na´ve artist born in 1929. He has exhibited his paintings since 1957, and developed an early following by British and international artists, including Peter Blake (artist) and Larry Bell (artist).[2] His paintings have been exhibited in many major European centres, including in galleries in Amsterdam, Hamburg, London (the Redfern, the Crane Art and Rona Galleries) [3] and Zurich, and in museums in France.[4]


His \'Bald Trainer and Animals\' (1974) is in the Bridgeman Art Library.[5] George Frederick\'s paintings \'Acrobat\' (no date) and \'Circus scene\' (1990) are in the collections of Milwaukee Art Museum.[6]
Born in 1929, George Fredericks is a painter of the na´ve school. His early paintings were exhibited and sold at the Redfern Gallery in Cork Street, London. He exhibited in Germany, Holland, Zurich, London and the USA. His work is held in many private collections including those of Jack Nicolson, Michelle Pfiefer, Barbara Rockefeller and Nanette Newman.

Fredericks has also exhibited at the Crane Art Gallery, London and latterly with the Rona Gallery from where many of his paintings have been sold. A more recent exhibition at Aldwych House offices sold 46 of the 52 paintings exhibited. His knowledge of paint and texture is apparent as well as an uncomplicated depiction of life.


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