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THE HOPSON BOYS, Set of three watercolours 1831.



  THE HOPSON BOYS, Set of three watercolours 1831. £sold  
A wonderful set of three miniature watercolours retaining their original frames depicting the Hopson boys. Each painted in the traditional style with the boys heads in the middle of the picture leaving more sky. It was normal during the early 19th century for boys to be dressed in very much the same style as the girls.
On the back of each is the inscription \\\"By R.Knight , then the sitters name John Hopson Jan 10.1831; James Hopson 11.Jan. (1831); & Edward Hopson 11, Jan (1831)..
Each retains its original frame and has painted glass oval mounts. 15.5cm x 17 cm.
Genealogy search the boys parents were John (born 1799) and Eliza (born 1804) of Stroud, Gloucester. and that John was born Jan.1825, James Dec.1827 and Edward Oct.1829.


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