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A very rare Tudor Red Rose Ceiling boss, denoting the House of Lancaster.
Pre 1485.
Henry IV was succeeded by his son, another Henry, who strengthened the Lancastrian hold on the throne through spectacular victories in the Hundred Years War again France. Unfortunately, Henry V died of dysentery in 1422, leaving his nine month-old son, Henry VI, to rule the country. Throughout the new King Henry’s minority, England was controlled by regents, and even as an adult, the King was in no state to rule. Not only was he a weak and ineffective leader, but Henry VI also displayed many signs of mental illness. He often succumbed to bouts of insanity, and failed to recognise his son, Prince Edward, who was born in 1453.
It was under these circumstances that Richard, Duke of York, a descendant of Edward III’s fourth son, Edmund of Langley, staked his claim to the throne. The Duke had a powerful ally in Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick, and together with their armies, the two of them marched into London to overthrow the mad King Henry. This was the beginning of a Civil war between the two greatest factions in England – the House of Lancaster and the House of York
The Wars of the Roses, the name is derived from the heraldic badges used by the two houses – the Red Rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York. In Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part I, noblemen are shown allying with either the House of Lancaster or the House of York by picking a red or white rose respectively, and the Lancastrians and Yorkists fought under banners bearing their factions rose.
The Wars of the Roses came to an end with the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. King Richard III was defeated by the Lancastrian claimant, Henry Tudor, who ascended the throne as Henry VII. King Henry secured the succession and cemented his rather tenuous claim to the throne by marrying Elizabeth of York, the daughter of the Yorkist King Edward IV. And formed the Tudor Rose with the white centre & red border.


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