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One of the highlights of the Feller Collection was Bridget Ross's FOUDLING HOSPITAL sampler dated 1831 .
worked in black and grey floss silk on a fine linen ground with two alphabets and two hymns 'Meditation on God's Love' and 'Lov'st thou me' signed and dated 'Bridget Ross Foundling Hospital December the 17 1831.
This is only the second sampler that can be related to the Hospital that was founded in 1739 by the philanthropic sea captain Thomas Coram for the education and maintenance of exposed and deserted young children.(Their story's and that of the hospital is recorded in many books, and will make you cry).
The only other sampler is worked by Sarah Ann Quartermain who like Bridget was probably a foundling although their names are not recorded at the hospital. Needlework was a major part of the girls' education at the Hospital and samplers are a unique personal example of a young girl's needlework accomplishments.

Threads of Feeling
was an exhibition held at the hospital 2010-11 tells the history of Fabric swatches from the eighteenth century that tell the moving stories of mothers and the babies they gave up to the Foundling Hospital
This exhibition showcased never-before seen fabrics that illustrate the emotional moment of parting between mothers and their babies at the Foundling Hospital. In the case of more than 4,000 babies left at the Hospital between 1741 and 1760, a small object or token, usually a piece of fabric, was kept as an identifying record. The fabric was either provided by the mother or cut from the childís clothing by the Hospitalís nurses. Attached to registration forms and then bound up into ledgers, these pieces of fabric form the largest collection of everyday textiles surviving in Britain from the eighteenth century.


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