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  DAVID BATES 1909 £sold  
DAVID BATES, 1909 WATER COLOUR Below Barnards Green- Malvern.
David Bates was born 1843, in Cambridgeshire. He joined the Worcester factory in 1855 leaving in 1880. Painting floral subjects of great quality.
But he was also painter in both oils and watercolours, Bates visited North Africa, before returning to paint landscapes mostly of Wales and Scotland.
He also made small oil sketches of hedges and plants, which were usually inscribed on the reverse. The artistís works display considerable technical virtuosity, ranging from the serene landscape, to the uneven swagger of his later works, which were noticeably less colourful.
Although Bates was more than capable of producing refined landscapes, he was equably as capable of painting detailed and well-balanced figures. His landscapes at their best are full, lush and always distinctive. All display his love for open air painting, particularly in his treatment of rivers, trees, foliage and not forgetting his figures.


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