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A wonderful mid 18th century band sampler by Susanna Wells finished April 26 1767. Decorated with verse, alphabets, numbers and motifs, 52cm x 21cm in totally original, never been framed condition.
It is interesting to go back and look at the year and see what was topical and what may have been the taking point around the Wells table tat year. Although not yet happened , in June Parliament enacted the Townshend Duties, taxes on paper, paints, glass, and tea, goods imported into the colonies from Britain. Since these taxes were levied on imports, the British thought of them as "external" taxes rather than internal taxes such as the Stamp tax. In America, particularly Boston merchants were angry about the new controls and helped organize a boycott of goods subject to the Townshend Duties. In 1768, Philadelphia and New York joined the boycott. As the boycott spread, harrassment of customs commissioners grew apace, especially in Boston which Intime lead to the "Boston Tea Party".


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