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The country of Norfolk on the Eastern coast of England produced a unique style of sampler that equate to some of the finest in the country. The style unusually covered much of the country as highlighted by the wonderful book by Joanne Lukacher and are highly desirable amongst collectors. As pointed out in her book Anne records that the humble alphabet working sampler were also produced. I am always amazed that some of our girls, even from a humble background in a small county town had remarkable lives.
Charlotte Elizabeth Browne was born on 1.10.1790 in Norwich, the daughter of Charlotte & Michael. She first married George Phelan (1813) , they had one son, George died in Dublin in 1837, and she later remarried the most wonderfully named Lewis Hippolytus Joseph Tonna in London and moved to Ramsgate in Kent where she died aged 56 in 1846.
Lewis Hippolytus Joseph Tonna (1812 1857) was an English polyglot and campaigner on behalf of evangelical protestantism.
Born Liverpool, son of the Spanish vice-consul and consul for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, his father died in 1828 while he was a student in Corfu and he was compelled to find employment as an interpreter aboard the Hydra. He served on various ships until returning to England in 1835 to become a director of the Royal United Services Institute. After Tonna married Charlotte the two became prolific pamphleteers for the evangelical Protestant cause. When Giacinto Achilli a Dominion Friar was interned following the fall of the Roman Republic, Tonna was prominent in the campaign for his release and return to England.


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