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WILLIAM ROBBIE (1887 - 1967)



  WILLIAM ROBBIE (1887 - 1967) £250  
A pair of Clydesdale horses in a landscape
by William Robbie.
The Scottish Folk Art Artist. Oil on Aluminum.
William Robbie was one of thirteen children born to a farmworker and his wife in the Parish of Old Deer. He showed artistic promise from an early age, however modest earnings prevented the family from sending Robbie to art school, instead he flourished in the Buchan schools winning several prizes for his work. Clydesdale horses were of of prime importance to arable farmers before the advent of the tractor and as such were worthy and prized subjects of the artist's talents. This example is probably from the mid-late 1950's shows traditional folk art techniques, with a growing confidence to tackle farm and country landscapes in this case depicting the Mormond or Strichen, white horse, the only white horse in Scotland, on Waughton Hill, northeast of Aberdeenshire.


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